LEAP@Concordia studies design and architecture from the point of view of the project, considering the creative thought process more so than the built form.

Our work seeks to define the reflective phenomena of the production and of the transfer of knowledge in the mechanism of projects related to design, architecture, landscape and urbanism, conceived in the following three situations:

 Research creation.

The competition, as common denominator of these three project sources, is a formula that appears to us as a potentially rich source for experimentation and as one of the rare opportunities that permits the public at large to participate in the creation and production of architecture. In its long-term research agenda, L.e.a.p. has the following points as keys to its mission statement:

 Promote research activities within the university setting in the field of design and architectural research and more importantly the study of the design and architectural project considered as potential architecture;
 Work with doctoral and masters students in order to contribute to their scientific development;
 Promote scientific collaboration between researchers.