Books, Edited Books, Collective Books

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Articles and editorials

Cucuzzella, Carmela, 2014, “October 2014: Pierrefonds Library Expansion (Montreal, 2013): An Urban Connector” Canadian Competitions Catalogue (CCC) [link]

Cucuzzella, Carmela, Crossman, Camille 2014, “University of Manitoba, 2012: An ambitious university campus project under high organization”, Canadian Competitions Catalogue (CCC) [link]

Re-thinking the University of Manitoba's campus, visionary regeneration [international competition]

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Parent, Julie, Cucuzzella, Carmela, 2008, «La consommation durable par le design durable», Le Panoptique, Environnement, septembre 2008 issue, édition no.36 [link]

Knowledge Dissemination (includes interviews and press articles)

2014 Global News
Riverview Elementary School yard design – DART392 community project [watch video]
Concordia Media Review (student accolades) [see link]

2013 Le Devoir
«La certification LEED, un frein à l’innovation?», March 25, 2013, article in Le Devoir, written by Karl Rettino-Parazelli, Actualités économiques [see link]

2012 Concordia Communications and YouTube
Greenhouse Projects from my DART448 class, winter 2012, article written by Ann Tanner-McDonald for Concordia University communications [watch video]

2012 Concordia Communications
“SIDIM-bound students”, for the SIDIM Student Exhibit 2012 I organized for students of DART448, article written by Liz Crompton for Concordia University communications

2012 Le Devoir
«Normes et développement durable - Montréal sera-t-il dénaturé par notre souci d'efficacité?: Les systèmes d'évaluation n'évaluent que le potentiel théorique de l'efficacité réelle», March 16-17, 2012, article in Le Devoir, written by Claude Lafleur, Actualités culturelles [see link]

2012 Saint-Laurent Weekly
Vanier College Humanities Symposium, Feb 8, 2012, article in Saint-Laurent Weekly [see link]

2012 Various dissemination articles regarding presentations at the REFLECO, «se mobiliser pour réfléchir», professional conference,which was held on June 6, 2012 was written about in various venues: written about in the following websites: and

2005 Invited Designer
Le Rebut Global, Série télé, Les Artisans du rebut global, 12e ÉPISODE – «LES MOYENS JUSTIFIENT LA FIN», La Série d’été diffusée 2004-2005 [see link]